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  • Our aim is to provide you with a high level of service, tailored to your needs, but most importantly at your convenience for a reasonable price. Having previously been an employee of the recommended service partner of the Bar, the head of Bar department has extensive experience. 

  • We at PKW Accounting understand the trials and tribulations of working within the judicial system. This is why we aim to take the stress and hassle away from you when dealing with your accounts and taxation affairs. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service at minimum inconvenience to yourself all within a reasonable price.

Why PKW Accounting?

  • Bar Specialists – Previously being a tax manager of the market leader and recommended services partner of the Bar, the head of our Bar department has valuable experience and knowledge not only of the specialist issues regarding Barristers but also of providing the highest level of service. PKW Accounting uses this experience as a benchmark for the service it provides.
  • High Level of Service – at PKW Accounting an experienced Chartered Accountant will deal with you affairs from start to finish. There are no junior members of staff completing the bulk of your affairs. Ensuring that your accounts and tax return are fully compliant with the latest regulations and completed consistently to the highest of standards.
  • Very Competitive Rates – receive the highest level of service without the accompanying fees. Contact us today to discuss our rates.
  • Minimal inconvenience to yourself – we understand you are busy and tax can be seen as a burden. So why not let us concentrate on your tax affairs so you can concentrate on what you do best. We aim to make things as easy as possible for you. From obtaining information directly from your clerks (permission required) to meeting you at chambers at a time that suits you.

Barristers and Incorporation

  • From 5 January 2015 the BSB will accept applications for Barristers to operate as “Barrister only entities”. With the first applications expected to be accepted by April 2015.

  • The BSB anticipate that the single person entity will be the most popular of the available options. However there is scope for more complex entities.

  • It is believed the BSB will seek designation as a licensing authority for Alternative Business Structures (see below), with the application being submitted to the LSB within the first quarter of 2015. This will allow Barristers to practice through a limited company where some shares are held by a lay person (E.g. non-earning spouse).

  • If you require further information then please use our enquiry form (Click here) for one of the following:

    o A free consultation regarding how incorporation will affect your individual affairs

    o A free seminar at chamber for a group of members regarding incorporation.

    o A PDF copy of our incorporation pack

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New to the Bar?

    We at PKW Accounting are aware of the pressures and uncertainty of becoming a Barrister. From the uncertainty regarding what is required with regards to becoming self-employed to the financial pressures of your first few years in practice. That is why we have tailored our service to reflect your needs:
  • Free initial meeting – shortly after you start your second six one of our team will visit you at chambers where they will help you with registration, talk you through the requirements of being self-employed and provide you with help and advice with regards to recordkeeping and bookkeeping.
  • Free initial preparation and submission of tax return – depending on your individual circumstances, it may be that you are required to submit a tax return the January after you begin your second six. Once registered PKW Accounting will prepare and submit your tax return for free and if you are lucky enough you may also be entitled to a tax refund.
  • First year’s accounts and tax return– As well as preparing and submitting your first set of accounts and tax return we will also provide you with effective tax planning advice with regards to the most beneficial accounting year-end for your individual circumstance. This not only ensures you are operating in the most tax efficient manner but can also have a big impact on your cash flow and your initial tax liabilities. All for a fee of £150
  • Second year’s accounts and tax return – for a fee of £300

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